frequently asked questions

How many shows do you do a year?

We only put on The Seattle Wedding Show once a year. We feel that quality is more important than quantity. All our efforts go into this show.

Why aren’t similar companies (such as all bakeries or photographers) together in the same aisle?

Each company wants to be seen and judged for their individuality and creativeness, therefore, it is important to them that they not be put next to someone in their same business. Our job is to give you, the consumer, the best choices we can. We also owe it to our vendors to be able to market themselves in a way that they feel most benefits their company.

What is the best day to come to the show?

We suggest both days if possible. One day to bring extended family or friends to collect information and talk to vendors, go to the fashion show and sample cake. After the first day go through all the information you collected, making notes on what you have left to accomplish. The next day you can come back for free (just get your hand stamped the day before) with your intended. book some of your vendors (some offer great deals at the show) or revisit the booths that you need more information on.


Do I need a big budget to make going to your show worthwhile?

We offer something for every couple no matter what your budget. The idea of planning a wedding can sometimes be very intimidating and time consuming. We try to take the stress out by giving you the best that the wedding industry has to offer. Because we don’t want to waste your time, we only have wedding related companies in our show.

How do I best plan for the show?

Visit one of our sponsors stores and pick up our show program (usually out by the 1st of December) which comes with a list and map of all the vendors and where they are located in the show. Mark down the vendors you most want to see and make sure you give yourself enough time to visit each one. We know there is a lot to see and that it can be a little daunting, but if you make enough time for these two days it will pay off by saving you MANY days in the future.

Is this show just for planning a wedding?

Anytime you need to plan an event, anniversary, family or school reunion, birthday or any party that you need a location, food, flowers etc. come to The Seattle Wedding Show where we put all of these specialists under one roof!